Best Podcasts about Gambling

Everyone knows that gambling is a game of chance. Therefore, it is quite difficult to improve your skills while playing online casino games. Still, several options will help the player increase the edge and chances of winning.

Many avid gamblers often read books on strategies, techniques, or the experiences of other legendary players. It is a pretty good way to get more information about gambling. But for many, listening to podcasts is a much more attractive option. In addition, it is very convenient.

There are hundreds of pretty good podcasts on the Internet, so choosing exactly what you need is not easy. To make things a little easier for you, our experts have published this quick guide to the five best gambling podcasts.

Gambling Podcast

Podcasts Explained

Podcasts are audio programs, series, or blogs that users can download or listen to online. The main difference between a podcast and radio is the ability to choose a genre and topic and listen to audio at any convenient time. It is like Netflix or YouTube, only in a different format.

Podcasts come in many different genres (talk, documentary, fiction) and topics (they can be very different). Due to the convenience of getting information, the popularity of podcast platforms is growing rapidly.

In 2021, the weekly audience of podcasts in the United States reached 80 million people or 28% of the country’s population. It is 11 million more than the number of US Netflix users. So, it is not strange that this kind of content has reached the gambling industry.

Today on the Internet, you can find many interesting audio recordings on playing in an online casino, on the rules of such games as poker, blackjack, roulette and others. Some podcasters – those who actually create this kind of content – become favourite among many players who listen to their podcasts regularly.

List of the Best Gambling Podcasts

We advise gambling enthusiasts to subscribe to a couple of podcasts from our list. Believe us, you will learn a lot of interesting things about not only mastering this or that game but also how to really enjoy playing in the online casino.

First Suggestion: Bet the Board

This podcast tops our list. The highlight is that it features a professional US player named Payne. He has been betting on sports for several years now, and quite successfully. In the podcast, he shares his invaluable knowledge.

Podcast host Todd Fuhrman used to be a bookmaker in Las Vegas. These two strikes a sweet spot between entertainment and legal gambling picks.

Podcasts are released on certain days twice a week. What impresses everyone about this couple is that they really do the research, backing up every choice they make. The data and statistics they provide are second to none.

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Bet The Board
Gambling With An Adge

Second Suggestion: Gambling with an Edge

This podcast from professional players Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin just could not miss our list of the best ones. If you dream of conquering the gambling world, this is a must to listen to.

In its almost 10-year history, over a hundred issues were published for anyone who wants to improve their edge. In addition, each episode has a special guest who shares information about the gambling industry.

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Third Suggestion: Bet the Process

For those new to the gambling industry, this podcast may seem daunting. But for experienced players, this is exactly what one cannot miss. The hosts Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma provide detailed analyses of the various bets in their episodes.

It may take you some time to get used to their specific humour. However, we are sure, you will love these stick-to-the-point tips over time.

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Bet The Process
You Can Bat On That

Fourth Suggestion: You Can Bet on That

The podcast has long been popular among those trying to expand their gambling horizons. Since 2012, hundreds of exciting episodes have been released. Its regular hosts Dr. Mike and Mark DeWaul provide listeners with detailed insights into improving their edge. As well, hosts pay special attention to playing poker.

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Fifth Suggestion: Behind the Bets

Those who dream of looking behind the scenes of Las Vegas will definitely like this podcast. Featuring ESPN gambling analyst Doug Kezirian and various guests, the show covers topics such as betting on esports, including League of Legends. The host also talks about the choice of other sports around the world.

The podcast has a Twitter audience of over 25,000 subscribers. This is one of the best podcasts in this field in the world. A new episode comes out every week and is available on almost all podcast platforms.

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Behind The Bets

Two More Podcasts Worth Listening To

These bonus gambling and betting podcasts are definitely worth your attention.

Business Betting

Business of Betting

Excellent podcast that is different from all the usual tips, guides and reviews. The host talks about the gambling industry in general and how it works. You will definitely hear something that you did not know and hear before.

The host, Williams, regularly invites interesting personalities. That is why the podcast is one of the most frequently downloaded. Among the guests are well-known businesspersons, CEOs of gambling companies and other interesting figures in the field.

The popularity of the podcast continues to grow thanks to this unique approach. The information the guests share with the listeners, as well as the host’s non-standard approach to intervening, made this podcast one of the best ones.

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Cash Considerations

When we talk about the golden middle, we usually mean the perfect blend of entertainment and value in gambling podcasts. In addition to interesting life stories, listeners also hope to hear a good selection for the coming week.

This podcast will give you just that. Dave Sharapan, a host of the podcast, is now considered one of the best in the industry. His friends Motoi Pearson and Alan Berg join him. With many years of experience and solid knowledge, these three completely absorb the online space, talking about sports betting.

If you are interested in their advice, these episodes are for you.

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Cash Considerations


What is the best podcast to choose?

There are many podcasts on the Internet about gambling. Your choice depends on your preferences.

Where can I listen to or download gambling podcasts?

Many people listen to podcasts through Spotify. Owners of Apple devices can find what they are looking for in the App Store. For Android gadgets – Google Play Store. It is also possible to download podcasts from the official platforms of these podcasts.

How much do podcasts cost on average?

Usually, they are free. You may need to register on some sites in order to listen and download audio.